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 -- Police said a boy was injured after a pit bull chased and bit him Tuesday morning.

Anne Arundel County police said the pit bull and a collie chased Raymond Slaughter and his friends, who were en route to school.

A responding police officer found the pit bull atop the 10-year-old boy in the 200 block of Whitaker Road at about 7:50 a.m. Anne Arundel County police Sgt. Shawn Urbas said the officer found the pit bull "actively biting the boy."

"The dog came and pushed me down, and the other dog bit me two times," Raymondhkic told 11 News. "I hit him and that's when he bit me (on my hand) and one of them came back and bit me (on the face)."

Upon responding to the scene, the officer encountered a 10-year-old girl who pointed the officer to Raymond. The officer secured the girl inside his patrol vehicle and put the boy in a van, whose driver had stopped to help. The officer then turned the corner, saw the dog on the boy and yelled at the pit bull, which then ran away.

"When the police officer came, I was glad because if it wasn't for him, I would have died," Raymond said.

"The dog ran to a nearby lawn and continued to act in an aggressive manner and the officer shot twice and killed it," Urbas said.

"When the police officer came, I was glad because if it wasn't for him, I would have died." - Raymond Slaughter, 10 Animal Control officers claimed the pit bull as evidence and took custody of the collie, which was found nearby.

Paramedics took the boy to the Baltimore-Washington Medical Center where he was treated for bites and lacerations to his head, face and hands.

"I thank the lord he was there and helped him because it could've been worse than what it is," said Robin Butler, Raymond's guardian.

Animal Control identified the owners of both dogs as Maria Rosario Alejandre and Arturo Alejandre Miramontes, of Pasadena. Authorities charged them with a civil citation of two counts of Public Safety Threat by allowing the dogs to run at large. Both charges carry a fine of $50.

Both dogs are licensed through the county and are up to date on their rabies vaccinations. The owners have since relinquished all rights to the collie. They said the dogs escaped from their home at about 11 p.m. Monday through an open back door.

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