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Thank you for applying to The Official Website For Glee Casting Thursday, January 20, 2011 12:40 PM From: "GleeCasting" <>Add sender to Contacts To: "raymond" <> #yiv450289007 #yiv450289007 .yiv450289007question_response { } Dear raymond,

Thank you for your application for The Official Website For Glee Casting! Your pre-application form has been recorded into our database and will be read by our casting team in the order it was received.

Due to the large volume of applications we receive it is not possible to reply to all applicants individually. Please print the following application and bring it with you to a open casting call.

View your application Cell Phone .........Home Phone Number ............Age (ex: 21) 15 What City Do You Live In? (Full City Name ex: Los Angeles) annapolis Please Upload a Clear Recent Photo Of Yourself: Please Upload A Recent Full Body Shot: Audition Location - Please Select The Open Call You Plan To Attend (Note: You Can Attend Either Day) Not Sure What State Do You Live In? MD Gender Male What Industry Do You Work In? Entertainment What Is Your Job Title (ex: Actor, Teacher) student Personal Website URL Your Facebook URL (ex. <No Response> Your Myspace URL <No Response> Your YouTube URL <No Response> Have You Attended A Performing Arts School or Other Fine Arts Program? No If YES, What Was The Name of The School(s) and Program You Attended? <No Response> Did You Graduate? No If Yes, Please List The Type Of Degree Earned: <No Response> How Many Years Have You Been A Performer? 0-3 years Do You Make Your Living As A Performer? Yes As A Performer, Would You Consider Yourself? Intermediate In A Paragraph or Less, Tell Us Why You Think You Have What It Takes To Compete For a New Role On Glee. I THINK I SHOULD BE ON THE GLEE PROJECT BECAUSE I CAN SING,ACT AND I AM GOOD TO GET ALONG WITH IM NOT SHY IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA I WAS T.V. 3 TIMES IN 06 AND I LOVE people How Did You Hear About The Casting For The Glee Project? Please Be Specific: (i.e. Today Show, MySpace...etc.) OXYGEN Are You Legally Eligible To Work In The United States? Yes Did You Enjoy High School? How Would You Describe Yourself During Those Years? yes. In High School, Were You Apart Of Any Groups, Clubs, Teams...etc? If So, Please List: yes the dramam club.

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